Apps to use in 2024 to improve your credit score

The importance of a credit score, but now and then, a polite reminder is dropped to be cautious of your borrowing habits as they directly impact your credit score, a three-digit number to reflect your financial behaviour. Perhaps that is not a concern when taking out emergency loans like payday loans. Thanks to flexible lending, your poor credit rating does not get in your way. 

Things are not so easy when you apply for a mortgage, a personal loan or an auto loan. Experts have discovered that people use small borrowing facilities to fund their temptations and then end up rushing to consolidation loans for bad credit. Undoubtedly, online lending was introduced in the interests of subprime borrowers, but people use it the other way, which results in poor credit scores. 

Building a good credit score can be painstaking, as negative marks stay on your credit report for quite a long period. This year has been quite tough for all of us, but now you can prepare yourself to get your action in the right direction. Take advantage of technology to improve your credit score.

Experian Boost

Experian Boost is a product by Experian, one of the credit reference agencies that helps you improve your credit rating. This app is also aimed at those with no credit history. This will connect to your bank account and credit cards and then detect your on-time payments. From the list, you can add any of them. 

Despite the same purpose, Experian Boost is different from other apps as it offers the first-ever feature to use on-time recurring payments like utility bills, rent, and phone insurance that never factored into your credit score before. 

You will see an instant boost in your credit points using this app. However, people with no credit history and bad credit ratings tend to get many benefits. Apart from that, Experian Boost adds in the following features:

  • You will get your credit report every month with a credit score.
  • You can get a credit card and loan offers to match your financial situation.
  • Save money on car insurance by shopping around for the best insurers.

Try Experian Boost today. Please get familiar with all the features and compare them with other apps to pick the right one. 


With Self, you will see an average credit point boost of 49 points. This is very simple to use. However, you will have to pay a monthly subscription. 

  • The first step is to apply for a Self Credit Builder Account. No impact will be made on your credit points.
  • You can choose the payment term and the installment amount that best fits your budget. 
  • Every time you pay down your installment, this will be reported to credit bureaus.
  • Once you have paid off, you will get your money minus fees and interest. 

You can always track your payments. As it might not always be easy to make payments, you can cancel it. You will get your money back minus interest. 


The monthly fee is much lower for Kikoff than for Self. Apply for a Kikoff credit account. It works like an ordinary credit account with the slightest variation. 

  • You will get instant approval. No credit checks will be made, so you do not have to fear losing your credit points. 
  • You will be given a $750 line of credit for purchases. Remember that these purchases cannot be regular ones like gas and groceries. 
  • You will continue to use the line of credit if there is a balance. No APR and no hidden fees.
  • Every time you make the payment on time, you will see a boost in your credit score. The first payment will be made three days after the purchase and will be the monthly scheduled date.

You can keep tabs on your remaining balance and credit score. 


Extra helps build good credit practices that will improve your credit score by 48 points on average. Note that it is a debit card rather than a credit card. 

  • Sign up and then get a spending limit based on your bank balance.
  • As you swipe the card, the extra money will automatically be paid back the next business day.
  • Every month, it will add up your total purchases and payments and report them to credit reference agencies. 

This card will allow you to earn up to 1% points when you make a purchase, whether for coffee, rideshare, or phone bills. It is compatible with over 10,000 banks, so you can easily link it to your account.


With Brigit’s help, you can get your finances organized. It is similar to a Self Credit Card Builder account, allowing you to borrow money. 

  • You can get approval in minutes without worrying about any hard inquiries. 
  • Select a loan amount you want to save each month. You will pay down in fixed installments. 
  • On-time payments will be reported to all credit reference agencies. 
  •  After the end of the term, the money will be returned to you in full. 

While using this app, you can get identity theft protection. You will also get notified if your balance is low so you do not face any complications. 


Your credit score is essential in deciding the interest rates you will qualify for when borrowing money. With responsible borrowing, you can avoid wreaking havoc on your credit score. 

There are several apps you can use to do up your credit rating. Those apps can help build your credit history from scratch. Compare all features of apps with each other and then figure out which one best suits your needs.