Top Small Business Marketing Ideas for Christmas on Shopify

The next few days could prove hectic for the small business owners. The busy holiday season is when an online shopping store like Shopify experiences most online store visits. Thus, you may not want to lose this opportunity to expand the customer base and multiply the profit bar. 

This is not the time to sit and wait for the appropriate day to launch your store marketing strategy. It is the right time to launch it. What could be better than making a presence when your competitors are in silent mode? Before creating one, improvise over the goals.

How many extra customers do you want to achieve? 

Can your suppliers meet additional demands? 

What could attract the customers the most this Christmas? 

Improving such aspects will help you define and create a well-converting marketing strategy. Always keep the customers at the heart of your strategy. Moreover, launch the strategy in a timely. Timing is what the marketing is all about.

If you have an online Shopify e-commerce store and want to launch a unique strategy, the blog may help. It lists the best ones to counter your competitors and magnify the sales numbers. 

Let’s begin!

Which Marketing Strategies can help maximize Shopify’s Business on Christmas? 

Any marketing strategy requires a long commitment, research, and testing before the launch. Moreover, no two companies may benefit from the same strategy. Uniqueness is a critical parameter to stand out from the rest. It is what your customers know you for and stick by. 

Here are other marketing strategies for your Shopify Store:

Provide a Gift combo

Greediness is a beautiful nature of humans. Yes, well, it may be beneficial from the business point of view. The more they have, the better. For example, if your target customers are women- (25-25), you can provide an extra handbag over shopping for cosmetics. 

They will love it! Similarly, you can do so for the men as well. Individuals love to get complimentary products as gifts. Utility ensures the best customer marketing strategy. And by providing the combo, you can nail that. Yes, launching combos requires sufficient capital backup. 

However, you may struggle to save enough from researching the strategies, testing, and investing in other important business aspects. However, do not worry; financial equipment like a loan for Christmas preparations may help you. You can use it to launch the best gift combos. 

Launch an exclusive campaign for customers

It is one of the most essential strategies for a Shopify store. While attracting new customers is important, retaining the existing ones is crucial. How can you do so?

You can do so by simply launching a personalized campaign that meets your customers’ requirements. Analyze the recent queries and discussions from your customers. Utilize this to create your marketing strategy. For example- you can reveal a surprise like this : 

 “ 30% off on your all-time-favourite pick”

 “ Email subscribers get to shop 4 days easily.”

Just do not forget to mention “IT IS EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU!”

It will attract people immediately. One cannot resist something that is exclusively made for them. So, yes, it could be one of the go-to strategies for your E-commerce Shopify store.

Create relevant landing pages

Some landing pages are not just SEO. They convert visitors into customers and assist them in navigating through it. Before launching one, test the form. It is one of the biggest mistakes to commit. Check the keywords.

You must include the best and most relevant keywords to target the customers and reach the maximum number. Moreover, check the CTA placement. It plays a vital role in getting leads. Apart from that, do not forget to include the following things in your landing page:

  • Add or interlink the landing page to relevant website pages
  • Be eye-catching and straightforward – avoid any fluff.
  • Add relevant images or video testimonials
  • Outline the benefits of the product
  • Highlight the USP of the product

One of the most important points is that you must design landing pages at least a week before launching them. It grants you sufficient time to test it and establish the best version.

Provide Free Shipping

Additional shipping costs are a real turnoff for customers when shopping at any e-commerce store. You can leverage this discomfort to your benefit by launching a “ Free shipping policy.”

You can launch it at least for the Christmas and Holiday season. You may not believe it, but this strategy can add 30% more profits to your revenue. You can provide a small gift to your customers with it.

However, be mindful that the free shipping policy benefits existing customers. 

It is because they are loyal and consistent supporters of your brand. Price this loyalty of theirs.

Use Re-targeting Ads to Bring Visitors Back

Over one-third of the customers say they spend a significant time researching the product. This is even if they want to buy a product costing as low as £40! Yes, quality and brand image matter as primary aspects for customers. Thus, low cost is no longer the battle, and you must win over the customer’s trust to increase your business profits.  

Yes, people may explore your website, add the product to the cart, and leave! It is natural. Chasing the cause is essential. You must analyze the glitch and fix it in a timely. However, leaving a product in the cart and abandonment does not imply they never intend to buy it.

They may have forgotten about the product. It’s your responsibility to get their attention back with re-targeting ads. Segment your ad for the specific audience, set the budget limit, and create your ad on Facebook. Measure the progress in a timely. Check whether you share any chances to get potential leads. If yes, exceed the budget. Do not worry if you are short of one. Check small loans of £2000 to cover costs and more to reach more people. It would help you increase the chances of getting more leads.        


There are many Christmas Marketing ideas for your Shopify store. However, choosing the one that suits your business the best may help. Research and test the best tools to monitor the campaign progress and metrics. It would help you change and launch powerful Christmas campaigns and marketing strategies.

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