7 Tips for Promoting your Next Block Party on Facebook

If you’re holding a block party, you need to ensure you’re getting as many people in the area to attend as possible. Once you have finalised the dates, your permits and the logistics worked out; you can move on to marketing the event. Facebook is a handy platform for this purpose, so you should use it best. The following tips will help you market your block party on Facebook for the optimal response.  

Make a Facebook Event Page

First of all, make a Facebook event page for your block party. Include your party’s date, venue, timings and other relevant details in the setup, and make an announcement post. Use a Facebook event image template from PosterMyWall to create your event page banner. 

Then, share your event page across your platforms and invite people to the block party. Make the purpose and agenda of the event clear, and add RSVP options so that you have a clear idea of how many people to expect. 

Share event teasers and BTS Glances

Start posting teasers on your Facebook page and the event page. These teasers should start a month or so before the block party. They can include messaging which makes people anticipate something exciting. You can also share short videos of the event preparation process to build up hype. 

These teasers should be posted regularly leading up to the event so they come across your audience’s feeds and remind them about your block party. Start putting up event countdown posts a week before the event to increase anticipation. 

Create Attractive Posters and Flyers

The visual aspect is quite important for promoting your block party. You should create many posters and party flyers to show your audience. Share their digital versions on Facebook, and encourage people to share them. 

Make these flyers using PosterMyWall’s templates to customize the designs according to your needs. This way, you won’t have to make something entirely from scratch and worry about the aesthetic value. You can use these across all your online and physical platforms, not just Facebook, so do create these on a priority basis.  

Post in your neighbourhood group

Check if the area you’re targeting has town or neighborhood, resident groups. These groups are the perfect platform for you to market your block party. Join these groups, or get in touch with the group admins. Then, share your marketing collateral and event page link with them. 

This way, you’ll directly market to the people in the area you are covering. This will streamline your efforts and make you part of the community. These groups serve as reliable authority figures for many people, making them more likely to look forward to your block party. 

Use polls to engage with attendees

Facebook lets you post polls for your audience to answer. Make the block party planning experience more engaging by letting people decide on minor aspects. If you start early enough, you can even have your audience vote on a theme and a menu. 

This engagement will make people feel like they’ve had their say in planning this block party and make it more of a community experience. Resultantly, you’ll get higher, more involved footfall. Ensure you offer your audience options you can follow through on without damaging your budget or permit limits. 

Tell your attendees what’s in store

While this may be a given, you need to be as transparent as possible about your block party. Are you fundraising for a good cause? Are you trying to bring a community together? Your agenda should be quite clear and written in your Facebook event description. In addition, map out the happenings planned at your block party, such as games, contests, and entertainment. Create a schedule, post it on the Facebook event page, and encourage people to share it. 

This clarity will make the decision to attend your block party much clearer for your target audience. In addition, when you offer these details, they’re more likely to be excited and share the word. 

Partner with local vendors and businesses

You can take your block party to the next level by partnering with local vendors and businesses. If you have any on board, have them share your event details on their Facebook pages and let people know about their presence. In return, you can make small business highlight posts to share on your Facebook pages. This will not only promote your block party but also show your commitment to uplifting the community as well. 

In conclusion, you can use Facebook to promote your block party in many ways. So, get things started and host the best block party your attendees have ever seen!

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