Easy Methods to Fix ITVX Not Working on Your Smart TV

The advent of smart TVs completely changed how people take in media. We can watch a wide variety of movies, TV shows, and live events with just a few clicks, thanks to the accessibility of numerous streaming services, such as ITVX, on our television sets. However, the Smart TV and its apps can experience problems like any other technology. The inability to use ITVX is a widespread complaint among Smart TV owners. In this piece, we’ll delve into several potential causes of the problem and offer potential solutions to get you back to watching your favorite shows on ITVX as soon as possible.

Understanding the issue with ITVX on Smart TV

Understanding why ITVX isn’t working on your Smart TV is necessary before proceeding with troubleshooting. Several possible causes of the issue are as follows:

  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Outdated ITVX app
  • App cache or data corruption
  • System glitches or software bugs
  • Incompatibility between the Smart TV and the app
  • Firmware-related problems

By identifying the root cause of the issue, you can apply the appropriate fixes to resolve the problem effectively.

Troubleshooting steps for ITVX not working on Smart TV

Check the internet connection

  • Make sure your Smart TV has a reliable internet connection before proceeding. ITVX won’t work if your internet connection is slow or intermittent. Inspect the TV’s network configuration and test the TV’s connectivity with a separate wireless network or an Ethernet cable if you have access to either.

Update the ITVX app

  • If you’re having trouble with the ITVX app on your Smart TV, try updating to the latest version. Look in the TV’s app store to see if there are any upgrades for the app. Restart your Smart TV after installing any available updates.

Clear app cache and data

  • Eventually, the app’s cache and data will accumulate, slowing it down. Your Smart TV’s settings menu should have a “Apps” or “Applications” area where you may erase the cache and data for the ITVX app. Depending on its make and software, this process may look a little different on your TV.

Restart the Smart TV

  • A simple restart of the Smart TV can sometimes fix small issues and get the system back up to speed. You should turn down your Smart TV, wait a few minutes, and reconnect it to its power supply. To see if ITVX is functioning correctly, turn on the TV. 

Check for firmware updates

  • Smart TVs get firmware upgrades regularly to fix problems and enhance performance. Update the firmware on your Smart TV to the most recent version. Check for updates by navigating to your TV’s settings menu’s “System” or “About” section. If an update is available, it can be applied by following the on-screen prompts.

Reset Smart TV to Factory Settings 

  • Don’t give up until you’ve tried resetting your Smart TV to its factory settings. You should back up any essential information first, as this will remove any user customizations and data. Check the user manual or the manufacturer’s website for information on resetting your TV to factory settings.

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Contact ITVX Support

If you’re still having problems with ITVX on your Smart TV after trying the solutions above, you should contact ITVX’s customer care. They’ll have a deeper insight into the software and be more equipped to help troubleshoot.

What are the alternative streaming options of ITVX?

If you’re having trouble with ITVX on your Smart TV, you might want to look into other streaming choices so you can keep watching your favorite shows and movies in the meantime. Streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ are plentiful and provide access to a wealth of entertainment options. Enjoy hours of entertainment by downloading the platform-specific apps to your Smart TV.


It’s annoying when your Smart TV has difficulties decoding ITVX, but with the help of the solutions provided below, you can get the issue fixed in no time and get back to watching your shows without any interruptions. Verify that the TV is connected to the internet, update the app, delete all app data and cache, restart the TV, check for firmware updates, and, if required, perform a factory reset. If the problem persists, please get in touch with ITVX support. You can always look into other online streaming services to satisfy your entertainment needs.

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Q1. What’s causing my Smart TV to be unable to stream ITVX?

  • There are many potential causes for ITVX to fail, such as a lack of internet connection, an out-of-date app, corrupted app data or cache, a bug in the system, or faulty firmware.

Q2. What’s the problem with updating the ITVX app on my Smart TV?

  • If there is an updated version of the ITVX app for your Smart TV, you can find it in your TV’s app store. Update your Smart TV and then restart it.

Q3. Will factory resetting my Smart TV delete everything on it?

  • Your Smart TV factory reset will delete your saved preferences and information. Please remember to create backups of any valuable data before continuing.

Q4. What should I do next when these measures fail to resolve the problem?

  • If the solutions in this post still don’t work, you should contact ITVX’s customer service.

Q5. While ITVX is fixed on my Smart TV, can I utilize other streaming services?

  • While we work on improving ITVX, you can try out other video streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+. You can watch a wide selection of movies and programs on your Smart TV by installing the appropriate app.

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