Google Reviews On Wix: Strategy For Small & Large Businesses

There are various outstanding website-building platforms that exist in the market. Among them, Wix is the most preferred by small and medium businesses to create a great website as it is quite inexpensive. To prove this here is a statistic for you. Colorlib has found in one of its research that globally Wix has 10.8 million websites and among them, 8.5 million websites are live currently. 

But, whatever the size of your business if you have a Wix website then it is important to make it visually appealing. How about adding Google reviews on Wix website? Have you ever thought about this?

Google is known as the search engine giant. And this platform is considered to have the best and most genuine reviews of the businesses. According to a report by Forbes 90% of customers read reviews on Google before visiting a business website. In another study by BrghtLocal, it has been found that to determine the quality 93% of the customers read the reviews of local and small businesses on Google. The statistics must leave you in awe. 

Thus, when you integrate the best with the best, do you think about the benefits that your business can leverage? 

Yes, you guessed it right, this article will tell you about the benefits of displaying Google reviews on the Wix website that every business needs to know.  

Stay with this article till the end to know every benefit.

Displaying Google Reviews on Wix Website Comes With Ample Benefits For The Businesses

Whether you have a small, medium, or large business, if you want to transform it and take it to another level truly, then you should consider Google review widget for Wix website. The integration process is very simple and there are various outstanding aggregator tools in the market today that will help you with the process. 

Thus, by adding Google reviews on Wix website you are showing your visitors the authentic experience of your existing customers. This will help to build trust among your potential customers that you are offering the best quality product to them. 

If you are interested to know more about the benefits and to convince yourself that it is an excellent move for your business keep reading. The key benefits of Google reviews for Wix website have been defined for you. 

Enhances website traffic

It is quite tough to bring traffic to the website. If you have a business then you are well aware of the problem. So what do you exactly do to drive more traffic? One of the best solutions for that is leveraging the power of positive Google reviews of your business. All those positive reviews on Google will make people visit your website. 

So, when you add Google reviews on Wix website, more people will visit your website. The higher the click-through rate it will drive more traffic to your website. This will also help to improve the ranking of your business in the search engine.

A great social proof

All the reviews of your business on Google work as solid social proof for your brand. Because your potential customers will always go through those reviews before making any purchase decision. The customer trusts the recommendation of the other customers. 

Moreover, you must know that the content on your website is the key point in converting your audiences into your customers. Thus, let your potential customers know how much your existing customers love your brand by adding Google reviews on Wix website.

Boost your sale

One of the big issues faced by the business is the increase in the sales rate. This may be challenging but if you are able to build trust for your business among your potential customers then that eases the problem. To establish a pillar of trust among your potential customers and boost your sales let them read your Google reviews. 

So, first, engage your potential customers by adding Google reviews on Wix website. When they read them customers will get motivated to know more about your business. Thus, by knowing the quality and other things about your business help them to make their purchase decision and boost your sales. 

Create a review cycle

Positive reviews of the existing customers most of the time motivate other customers to leave their reviews. In this way, it will create a positive review cycle for your business that makes healthy promotion of your brand. 

Thus, when you add Google reviews on Wix that will help you in creating a reviews cycle as well. Because that inspires other people to leave their reviews as well. It makes customers feel valued when they see brands display their reviews on the website. After all, who doesn’t like the limelight right? So this is a great strategy to create a review cycle. 


This article is for you if you are a small or a medium business and you want to take your business to the next level. This article has told you about the benefits of adding Google reviews on Wix website.

Thus, change the marketing game for your business by using the interactive Google reviews for Wix website.  This will help improve the credibility of your business, establish great engagement, connect with your audiences deeply, and whatnot. 

So, start embedding today.

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