Easy Way to Set Up and Use Parental Controls on Roku TV

In today’s digital age, where streaming content is readily available, ensuring a safe and age-appropriate viewing experience for your family is important. Roku TV’s parental controls give you complete control over what your kids can and can’t watch. Discover how to implement safety settings on your Roku streaming device with the help of this article.

What are parental controls?

For parents and guardians, parental controls are tools and settings that limit and track what their children can do on their electronic devices. These settings are especially relevant for televisions because of the easy access to a large variety of media.

Importance of setting parental controls on Roku TV

By enabling parental controls on your Roku TV, you can keep your kids from accessing material that could be unsuitable for them. It allows you to supervise their watching habits and ensures they only see appropriate, instructive, and entertaining content. Using the built-in parental controls, you can create a safe space for your family by filtering content, blocking channels, and imposing time limits.

How to Use Roku’s Parental Controls?

Here’s how to get started with Roku TV parental controls:

  • Navigate to the Settings menu:  To access the main menu, press the Home button on your Roku remote. Choose “Settings” from the menu as you scroll up or down.
  • Selecting the Parental Controls option: Within the Settings menu, choose “Parental Controls” to access the parental control settings.

Setting Up a PIN

Why a PIN is necessary?

  • A PIN (Personal Identification Number) is a security measure that prevents unauthorized users from changing parental control settings or accessing blocked content. It ensures that only those with the PIN can modify the restrictions or view restricted content.

Choosing a strong and memorable PIN

  • When prompted, Roku will ask you to create a four-digit PIN. Choose a PIN that is easy to remember but difficult for others to guess. Avoid using simple combinations like “1234” or personal information that could be easily associated with you or your family.

Restricting Content Ratings

Understanding content rating systems: 

  • Content ratings provide information about the suitability of TV shows, movies, and other media for different age groups. Please familiarize yourself with the content rating system in your country or region, as it varies across various jurisdictions. Common rating systems include TV-PG, TV-14, and TV-MA in the United States.

Selecting appropriate content ratings for your household:

  • Access the content rating settings on your Roku TV and choose the proper rating levels for your home. Selecting a rating ensures that content above that rating will be restricted and require a PIN to access.

Blocking Channels and Apps

Identifying channels and apps to block: 

  • If there are specific channels or apps that you want to prevent your children from accessing, you can block them using the parental control settings. Consider the content, age-appropriateness, and your family’s preferences when deciding which channels or apps to block.

Blocking channels through the Channel Store or Roku website:

  • To block channels, you can either navigate to the Channel Store on your Roku TV and choose the medium you want to stop, or you can access the Roku website on a computer or mobile device and manage the blocked channels.

Enabling Time Restrictions

Limiting TV usage during certain hours:

  • Setting time restrictions can help regulate your children’s TV viewing habits and prevent excessive screen time. Define specific time frames when the TV will be inaccessible or require the PIN to be accessed.

Setting time restrictions for individual profiles:

  • If you have multiple user profiles set up on your Roku TV, you can customize time restrictions for each profile. This allows you to tailor the viewing experience based on each family member’s needs and age-appropriate content.

Filtering Content by Age

Utilizing the Kids & Family section:

  • Roku TV offers a dedicated Kids & Family section with content specifically curated for children. This section provides a safer browsing experience by filtering out content that may not be suitable for young viewers. Use this section to ensure your children have access to appropriate content.

Customizing content filtering options:

  • Within the parental control settings, you can customize content filtering options to restrict content based on various criteria, such as violence, language, or adult themes. Adjust these options to align with your family’s values and preferences.

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Creating User Profiles

Adding individual profiles for family members:

  • Creating individual profiles for each family member allows you to personalize their viewing experience and set unique parental control settings for each profile. This ensures that the restrictions and preferences are applied accurately to each user.

Managing preferences for each profile:

  • Within each user profile, you can customize preferences, including language, theme, and content restrictions. Adjust these settings according to the age and maturity of each family member to ensure a tailored and appropriate viewing experience.

Managing Streaming Services

Controlling access to specific streaming services:

  • Roku TV provides access to various streaming services. To further enhance parental controls, you can manage access to specific services. This allows you to prevent your children from accessing certain platforms that may contain content you deem inappropriate.

Modifying subscription settings:

  • If you have subscribed to streaming services through your Roku TV, you can manage these subscriptions and modify settings to ensure they align with your family’s preferences. Adjusting subscription settings helps control the type of content available to your children.

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Bypassing Parental Controls

Potential methods for bypassing controls:

  • While Roku TV’s parental control features are designed to prevent unauthorized access to restricted content, it’s essential to be aware of potential methods that tech-savvy individuals might employ to bypass these controls. Stay vigilant and monitor any suspicious activity.

Preventing unauthorized access:

  • To prevent unauthorized access or bypassing of parental controls, it’s crucial to regularly update and change your PIN, keep your PIN confidential, and ensure your Roku TV software is up to date with the latest security patches.

Troubleshooting Parental Control Issues

If you encounter any issues with parental controls on your Roku TV, there are common problems that can be easily resolved. These may include forgotten PINs, accidental blocking of channels, or difficulties accessing certain features. Refer to Roku’s support documentation or contact customer support for assistance troubleshooting these issues.


Setting parental controls on your Roku TV is crucial in ensuring a safe and age-appropriate viewing experience for your family. By accessing the parental control settings, setting up a PIN, restricting content ratings, blocking channels and apps, enabling time restrictions, filtering content by age, creating user profiles, managing streaming services, and staying vigilant against bypassing attempts, you can effectively safeguard your family’s TV viewing habits.

By taking advantage of Roku TV’s comprehensive parental control features, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your children are protected from inappropriate content while still having access to a wide range of entertaining and educational programs.

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Q1. Can I set different parental control settings for each TV in my house?

  • Yes, Roku TV allows you to customize parental control settings for each TV. You can set up different PINs, restrict other channels, and enable unique content filtering options based on the preferences of each household member.

Q2. Can I turn off parental controls temporarily?

  • You can temporarily turn off parental controls by entering your PIN and turning off the restrictions. However, it’s important to remember to re-enable them once you no longer need temporary access.

Q3. Will parental controls affect my own viewing experience?

  • Parental controls are customizable, allowing you to tailor the settings to your family’s needs. You can set different restrictions for different profiles, ensuring the rules do not affect your viewing experience.

Q4. Can I prevent my children from accessing specific apps even if they know the PIN?

  • You can block specific channels or apps even if your children know the PIN. You can prevent access by setting up channel or app blocks regardless of whether the correct PIN is entered.

Q5. What should I do if I forget my PIN?

  • If you forget your PIN, you can reset it by accessing the Roku website or contacting Roku customer support for assistance. Verify your identity and follow the steps to regain access to parental control settings.

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